VOL : 7, ISSUE : 4, (OCT-DEC, 2019),

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1Examining the Determinants of Conspicuous Consumption In India: A Conceptual Framework and Empirical EvidenceDeepika KandpalDownload
2Diversity of Waterbirds in Taudaha Lake, Kathmandu, NepalPraveen Kumar Jha, Chetan Kumar SharmaDownload
3Diagnostic Application of 99m Tc ECD Spect on Craniosynostosis Children in India: A StudyDr. Mayadhar BarikDownload
4Endophytic Actinomycetes As A Micromanager In Chickpea: Case Study Of Effectiveness Against Sclerotium rolfsiiSatyendra Pratap Singh, Om Prakash Sharma, Rajeeva GaurDownload
5Impact of Promotional Strategies of Commercial Banks on Customer Awareness in Mid-Western Region of NepalChakra Bahadur Bom, Dr. Bihari Binod PokharelDownload
6Employee Engagement and Job Satisfaction: An Empirical Study of BPOsSukhada TambeDownload
7Critical Analysis of Operating Ratios of Private Sector Life Insurers : Perspectives of Policy Buyers in IndiaSantosh Kumar Parashar, Dr. Anoop Pant, Dr. Bhavesh P JoshiDownload