VOL: 2, Issue : 4, (Oct-Dec, 2014)

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 Message from Chairperson Download
 EditorialNiraj KumarDownload
 ARTICLES Download
1Indigenous Epistemology and Placing the Cultural Self in Crisis: A New Hermeneutic Model for Cultural StudiesSthaneshwar TimalsinaDownload
2Colonial Agenda of Census in IndiaDr. Chander Pal Singh, Dr. Pradeep KumarDownload
3Geographical Importance and Dominance of South Africa in Southern African Development Community (SADC)Gayettri DixitDownload
4Economic Conditions of the Migrant Workers in Kerala: A Study in the Trivandrum DistrictDilip SaikiaDownload
5 Indebtedness Among Konda Reddy Tribal Households in Khammam District of TelanganaGummadi NareshDownload
6Design & Development of Discrete HMM (DHMM) Isolated Hindi Speech RecognizerSatish Kumar, Prof. Jai PrakashDownload
7User Authentication with Fuzzy Fusion of Face TechniquesShiv Ratan Singh, Jai PrakashDownload
8Studies of Real-Time DOA-Based Smart Antenna Systems in Wireless Communication ApplicationGiriraj Prajapati, Dr. K.C. MahajanDownload
9Automation of Drilling Process Using Electro-HydraulicsPulkit BaralaDownload
10Investigation on Design of Ultra Wideband Patch Antenna for Medical Imaging ApplicationsSiyaram Yadav, Priyanka Gautam, Shilpa Jangid, Syed Arif Ali, Gaurav SharmaDownload
11Effect of Malathion on Chromosomal Pattern of Drosophila kikkawaiParul Gupta, Dr. Ajai KumarDownload
12Comparative Analysis of Fish Diversity of Uttarakhand (Ganganani to Haridwar)Priyanka SharmaDownload
13A Study of Academic Achievement Motivation and Study Habits of Secondary Class StudentsMadhvi Agrawal, Dr Anil KumarDownload
14Assessment of Various Parameters for Quality in Higher Technical EducationSanjay Soni, Dr. B.K. ChourasiaDownload
15Tagore as a Feminist: A Study of His Select NovelsAnupam ChakrabartiDownload