Chairman Ethical Committee Message

Prof (Dr) Sarvottam Dixit
M. Sc., M. Tech. Ph.D.
Pro Vice Chancellor, Mewar University
Phone: 9870966636

Welcome to the online edition of Indian Journal Research (IJR). This year marks a milestone in the history of the journal because it comes with some important enhancements. The enhancement is that the journal is reshaped according to the internal standard and UGC norms. This will enable faster processing rate of the articles and gives us scope to include more articles. To get best benefits out of this improvement, we encourage more practice-based articles, state-of-the-art content and critical review articles. This will help us in scoring high in performance measures and moving up in journal ranking lists.
We have also modified the journal to reflect the aim and scope of IJR. We continue to publish excellent articles, and our rejection rates are much higher compared to many top journals. It is time for us to look at the journal as truly international and continue to work hard to help the journal in climbing up the ranking ladder. We do not believe in rushing into shortcuts that might work in getting more citations for the articles. Instead, we should find better articles that discuss new ideas and research directions, original articles that can create deep interest in the readership of the journal and content that the researchers do not want to miss.
I thanks to our mentor Dr Ashok Kumar Gadiya, Chairman, Mewar group of institution, my associates and juniors. I am also thankful to our reviewers and editors for their valuable suggestion.