VOL : 5, ISSUE : 4, (Oct-Dec, 2017)

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 EditorialNiraj KumarDownload
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1Overcoming Apartheid and Building Democracy: Role of Tamil Diaspora in AfricaJayanthi RamaswamyDownload
2Multiculturalism and Indian DiasporaDr. Bharat D. KhandagaleDownload
3The Role of Yoga in India-China RelationVivek Mani Tripathi, Rajiv RanjanDownload
4A Linguistic Approach Toward Folk Cultures in Various Dimensions of Human LifeDr. Tapas Pal, Dr. Mandana Kolahdouz MahamadiDownload
5 Do Minimum Wages Have Misemployment Effects?Ruchi AvtarDownload
6Inequalities Among the Subcastes of Scheduled Castes in Maharashtra: Examining Sphere of Higher Education and EmploymentDr. Vini Sivanandan, Vinod SivanandanDownload
7A Study of Issues Related to Selection of Corporate Social Responsibility and Firm Performance Measurement TechniquesMohammed NizamuddinDownload
8Assessment of Blood Compatibility of Liquid Embolic SystemArchana KumariDownload
9Politics of Language in Post-Colonial India : Indigenous and Endangered LanguagesSangya DubeyDownload
10International Principles of Environmental LawRajinder Kumar Gupta, J.K. MittalDownload
11Seth’s Novels: An Amalgamation of Fact and FictionDr. Mohammad Nazzar, Isha SapraDownload
12Book ReviewDr. Krishna Kumar Mandal, Annavajhula, J. C. BoseDownload