VOL: 3, Issue : 2, (Apr-Jun, 2015)

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 EditorialNiraj KumarDownload
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1India Needs a Robust Ladakh Policy: Case For a Separate State of LadakhP. StobdanDownload
2Impact of Democratisation on Mongolia’s Domestic PoliticsAmba Shanker BajpaiDownload
3A Study of Female Consumer Buying Behavior for Organized Retail Apparel Stores with Special Reference to Ahmedabad CityDr. Vasudev ModiDownload
4Microfinance: A Tool for Economic EmpowermentRuchi PatelDownload
5 Impact of Television Cartoon Channels on Children in IndiaAfsana RashidDownload
6Impact of Social Networking Sites on Behaviour and Lifestyle of PeopleDr. Maddhu JasolaDownload
7Experimental Studies on the Erosion Rate of Low Carbon Steel Bank Tubes of Process Boilers in Strain-Hardened and Sub-Critical Annealed ConditionT.S.G.Narayannen, Dr. Ashish AgarwalDownload
8A Poly (Vinyl Chloride) Based Membrane Electrode for the Selective Determination of ZR(IV)Aishwarya Singh, D.S.TyagiDownload
9A Dynamic Nickel Selective Poly(Vinyl Chloride) Membrane Based on N-(4-(2-Thienyl)-1,3-Thiazol-2-Yl) Thiourea as IonophoreArpit Singh, D.S.TyagiDownload
10Evaluation of Phylloplane mycoflora in Cinnamomum Zeylanicum (Dalchini) at Dhamdha, DurgSeema Verma, Dr. Arunima Karkun, Dr Deepak KarkunDownload
11Poverty and Right to Food in IndiaKaruna MaharajDownload
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