VOL : 8, ISSUE : 1, (JAN-MAR, 2020)

February 23, 2021 0 By journalofindianresearch
 Message from Chairperson Download
 EditorialNiraj KumarDownload
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1Trends in Social Sector Expenditure in India (2005-2019)Mukul KumarDownload
2Role of India’s Technological Innovations to Mitigate Covid-19 PandemicDr. Manish Mohan GoreDownload
3Covid-19 Pandemic: Tracing the Beginning of Corona Virus Outbreak?Priyanka DhargaveDownload
4Abnormalities of Blood Circulation Through Narrowed Artery in the Existence of Some ParametersSanjeev Kumar Sharma, Jyoti Singh Raghav, Pramod MehtaDownload
5 Synthetic Routes, Characterization and Biological Significance of 1, 2, 4-Triazine Derivatives: Comprehensive ReviewAarfah Majid, A. M. Lawal, M.Ashid, B.K.Sarma, Ajit JoshiDownload
6Cyclic Peptides as Therapeutic Agents and Biochemical ToolsDeepshikha Verma, V.N. Rajasekharan PillaiDownload
7Hypoxic Mechanisms in the Carbon Monoxide – Induced Injury to Cardiac & Other Tissues in Acute Poisoning : A Note on the RoleSunder S Samuel, Mayadhar BarikDownload
8Incubation Centres: Impact on Research and Entrepreneurship AspirantsManoj VargheseDownload