Plagiarism Policy

Research Review Committee (JIR) will judge any plagiarism case on its limits. If plagiarism is detected by the editorial board member, reviewer, editor, etc. In any stage of the article process, either before or after the acceptance the paper, during editing or at a page proof stage of the paper. We will alert the same to the author(s) and ask them to rewrite the content or cite the references from where the content has been taken. The plagiarism policies is defined as follows :

  • Plagiarism will be acceptable if the manuscript has below 10% of plagiarism.
  • If plagiarism is in between 10% to 25% then editor will send the manuscript to author to re-check it.
  • If more than 25% of the paper is plagiarized and the article may be rejected, and the same is notified to the author.