Chairperson’s Message

Dr Ashok Kumar Gadiya
C.A., Ph.D.
Chairperson, Mewar University
Phone: 9891****93

The launch of the Journal of Indian Research (JIR) renews the journey of synthetic and innovative thinking, which is the hallmark of Indian knowledge tradition. The Journal has received high quality contributions from various universities. This is nothing short of remarkable for a multidisciplinary journal from a private university in India. I appreciate the hard work of the Editorial Board of the JIR in bringing out issues in time. We look forward to receive   quality articles for the forthcoming issues of the Journal of Indian Research. We, at Mewar University, are    committed to steer  quality research and innovation to build  a resurgent, Aatmanirbhar Bharat .  We have miles to go. None of Indian universities are among the top hundred global universities. Obviously their presence is scuttled by absence of publication from their departments. Diminished presence entails poor ranking of our universities. We do not need universities that bestow   degrees. The universities ought to churn out ideas that spread in the knowledge-communities. The absence of serious platform like Journal of Indian Research   create loss of motivation to pursue serious research. Moreover, many of the journals are mired into ideological spectrum and controlled by closed door patrimonial cabals. The young researchers have no option but to seek out shady online predatory journals for publishing even serious works. We would like to see all Central university departments bringing our quality research journals in their respective fields. This will entail a big bang moment for novel ideas in India. If India has to become a knowledge power, the Vishwa Guru, there is no other way but to deepen and integrate the quality research publication.
On behalf of the Board of the Journal and the Mewar University, I extend my greetings   to the connoisseur of ideas, innovators and researchers We look forward for a vibrant and awesome years ahead!